9Desks is a program that permits you to have up to nine virtual desktops
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9Desks is an application management tool for Windows. It allows you to manage your running applications by moving them between virtual desktops. The application creates 9 desktops that you can use to group running applications. By using hotkeys, you can switch between the desktops and see the applications that are running, and even work on them the same way you would do without 9Desks. By having several different desktops, you can group similar applications in a desktop and you can send inactive applications or those that you don't use as much to a secondary one.

By pressing the WIN key plus the keyboard arrows left and right, you switch between desktops. Every time you do this, a prompt will appear on screen telling you what desktop you are on. Once applications are open, you can move them between desktops by either using a hotkey, or by accessing the Organize applications window. There, you can drag and drop the programs to any of the 9 desks that you get.

There is a system tray icon that allows you to go to any of the running desktops and it can also be used to access any of 9Desks features and options. Most features are easily accessible by hotkeys, though.

All in all, 9Desks could be of use for people who run a lot of applications simultaneously and need to better organize them. The hotkeys are great and moving applications is really easy. The only problem that I seemed to notice is that my system was quite slower when I had 9Desks running. It might have been a coincidence, but the system became non-responsive at times.

José Fernández
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  • Easy switching.
  • Hotkey support.
  • Organizing apps is very easy.


  • It seemed to slow down my system noticeably.
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